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Session Zero

You found yourselves endebted to Leosin Erlanthar and he’d asked that you head to Greenest, south-east of Baldur’s Gate. After meeting up with the dwarf, Ontharr Frume, who didn’t provide you with any of the supplies you thought you’d get, you shortly realized that you might starve on your way to Greenest if you took the road. So, a short overland travel on the plains south of the Wood of Sharp Teeth and you were heading into Greenest just before twilight.

The party consists of:
• Ursus: Human Barbarian (Gerry
• Hino: Wood Elf Ranger (Mark)
• Quarion: High Elf Rogue (Lucca)
• Argothe: Human Druid (Josh)
• Anar: Human Cleric (Jeff)
• Baarya: Githyanki Paladin (John SB)
• Lanji: Gnome Bard (John M)
• Raenor: Half-elf Warlock (Don)
• Player-to-be-named-later (Doug)

The loud boom of thunder surprised you and as you rounded a bend, you could see the town of Greenest under attack by a large Blue Dragon! A quick jog led you to the town’s edge where you fought off some Raiders and Kobolds who were harassing a woman and her children. Saving them from a death at the hands of the marauders, you quickly realized that the straightforward path would be fraught with kobolds and more raiders. Taking a circuitous route, you snuck through town and made it past all the raiders, looting and pillaging empty homes. You had but a quick run across the plains to reach the front doors of the keep (which were closing).

When your flight seemed all but successful, the (gargantuan) Blue Dragon dropped from the sky in between you and the keep. Some of you noticed the clouded eye and facial scars of the great beast, and the party skulked away (discretion being the better part of valor today) to it’s right side and barely made it to the keep before it leapt from the killing grounds and took to the skies, again harrying the rooftops of the town.

Upon entering the keep, the great doors were shut behind you and the Castellan and Governor welcomed you.


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